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Free yourself

Help me feel normal again...

Do you regularly feel like crying for no reason?
Do you feel debilitated by an unexplicable sadness?
Have you had a bereavement or been through a difficult time?

Clinical depression is a serious illness and is thought to be a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain which may have been triggered by external circumstances. Although this imbalance can be redressed with anti-depressants, hypnotherapy provides a chemical-free alternative to freeing yourself from this debilitating illness. Alternatively NLP may be used to provide counselling to come to terms with the specific circumstances that have led to the depressed state.

People who feel depressed  usually associate themselves with unpleasant experiences. They have  the resources to change , but do not know how to use them. Their inner representations are  negative. NLP and hypnotherapy are wonderful and powerful tools of change.

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