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Q. What if I cannot come out of hypnosis?
A. No such thing ever happens, or can ever happen. It is a  state that can  be terminated at any time. If left in a state of hypnosis, one goes into a normal sleep, and comes out of it feeling good.

Q. Will I reveal my secrets?
A. No. A hypnotised subject is in full control of what he or she wants to reveal, if it were necessary to get any personal details under hypnosis for therapeutic purpose.

Q. Will I be under the control of hypnotist?
A. No. Hypnosis is a loose state which can be terminated at will.

Q. Is there any scientific evidence for the effectiveness of hypnotherapy?
A. Yes. Hypnotherapy offers the unusual benefit of being very well studied in the traditional medical literature. Whilst no approach can give 100% success, 100% of the time, numerous medical publications and strictly controlled academic trials have proven the techniques safe and effective. In fact, hypnotherapy and NLP can be as effective (or better) then traditional medicines in many cases. The following are just some of the studies available on the subject:

J Fam Pract 1986. 22(1):61. A randomized controlled trial of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.
J Clin Psychol 1983. 39(2):198-202 Comparison of hypnotherapy with systematic relaxation in the treatment of cigarette habituation.
Gastroenterology 2002. 123(6) 2132. Long-term improvement in functional dyspepsia using hypnotherapy.
Am J Clin Hypn 2002. 45(1):31. Hypnotherapy and refractory irritable bowel syndrome: a single case study.

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