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Put a stop to stress and worry

Help me worry less......
Are you feeling irritable, depressed or unmotivated?
Do you suffer from recurring sickness, inefficiency, low morale, insomnia, peptic ulcers or high blood pressure?
Has it got worse since
a divorce, separation, unresolved debts, moving  house, bereavement or sickness in the family?
You could be suffering from excessive stress...

Almost no-one is immune to stress.
There are those who can cope very well with stress and live peacefully. They were either made that way or learnt to deal with it along the way.
Stress is a like a whirlpool which pulls the victim further into it.
Often we are told what to do to relieve stress, but not how to do it!
Dr. Sobhag Shah will teach you how to  come out of the grips of inappropriate stress.
Once you have the tools, you are master of your own destiny!!

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stop smoking
enhance self esteem
overcome depression
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