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Finally stop smoking

I want to be healthy again!

In one year, there are over 120,000 deaths from smoking  in UK. You could be the next victim if you continue smoking. Why not give it up now and reverse the process? Smoking is not only responsible for cancer, but also for strokes, polycythemia, respiratory infections and ulcers.

Have you already decided to give up smoking?

Do you find you're constantly craving that one cigarette every time to try to stop?
Have you tried patches and gum, nasal sprays and lozenges, inhalers and tablets?
Perhaps you have tried bupropion and other replacement habits.
Bupropion would be inappropriate in pregnancy, under 18s and people with seizure risks.

Using hypnosis and NLP* makes giving up tobacco much more pleasant. It is a completely chemical-free and natural alternative which can in many cases enable the smoker to give up in only one session. Reinforcement sessions are, however, recommended.

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